Dezember 2018

Im Folgenden der Wortlaut des Dankschreibens von Mama Tecla an Tansaniakids e.V. zum vergangenen Jahr 2018:



To Director of Tanzaniakids e.V.


The heading above to be concerned, we Ebenezer orphanage center, there are so many things we want to thank you and for surely we are going to still miss some by the end of this letter. But here is a small token of our gratitude for being by our side in this year and make it worthwhile thank you for being part and parcel for insuring the children are physical and mental fit by providing money for food, through eating children acquire energy and their body become health in which protect them from being sick. And thanks for helping us not only by sending money but also for your prayers to children for whenever they are sick. Education is the key for life; we are say thank you very much for supporting us in education by providing school fees, uniform, stationary, shoes, pocket money and any kind of expenses needed for the children to study. With your support children are being able to study in friendly environment thus are doing their best for acquiring they´re the best for their future. We appreciating for occupying and sheltered us for whatever our concerning and ideas and project we brought; you always take them and made them as yours. Thank you for supporting in buildings of three rooms in which both are now working a one for shop, another is stationary and the last one a sewing room. Thanks for computer, printer, photocopy and sewing machine. These things give a room for children to learn about computer also in wide range unable girls who did not attend to school to learn how to sew, this is of much appreciation. Last but not least we are appreciating everything you have done for us in this year thank you for taking care of children and making sure their provided with their basic needs. May our God of haven bless you all abundantly because you not loosing instead you put yourselves in a good position to god the bible says A GOOD RELIGION IS TO TAKE CARE OF ORPHANS AND WIDOWS.

Kindly thank you. Mama Tecla Lyenga (Head of Ebeneza Orphanage Center)
Auf dem Original ist noch ein Stempel.